1 Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 3:23 PM

Hey all. Maybe a stupid question but I have tried to answer myself but everything I read is opinionated differently. I have just bottled my 2nd brew (coopers pale ale 1.7kg base can 1.1kg light LME kit yeast and 100g cascade and same cluster added to boil. “Yes I bring all malt kits to a full a boil at 23litres” than another 100g cascade dry hopped O.G 10.45 F.G 10.09 stable for 4 days but my actual concern due to priming is I used the 3/scoop thingy and added dextrose to recommended levels but not a solution just dry. When bottling their was a lot of foam forming in the bottles. I'm worried I may have created a few IEDs. Previous bottling using carb drops and the exited foaming didn't happen. But drops didn't give the desired carb level so switched to dex. I have a feeling I am worried for nothing but its in my nature.

2 Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 9:38 PM

I'm a bit confused as to why you're boiling the whole kit and other malt in 23 litres of water. This isn't necessary for doing hop additions to kit beers, and it's not a very good practice to boil the kit anyway. What you're better off doing is using say 10 litres of water and just adding the light LME to it and boiling that for 10-15 minutes with your hops. Then cooling it down somehow so you can pitch the yeast.

As for the priming, there's nothing wrong with using dextrose dry, the foaming is a non issue (not sure what you mean by IEDs). If you like you could try bulk priming where you dissolve the required dextrose for the whole batch in a small amount of boiling water, tip this solution into another fermenter then rack the beer onto it to mix it through. It will work the same as doing it dry.

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Otto Von Blotto:

(not sure what you mean by IEDs).

LOL. Improvised Explosive Device

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