1 Posted: Monday, September 04, 2017 3:33 PM

Hey guys, first time posting.

I recently bought the basic brew kit from Coopers, really happy with it so far.

I churned out the tin that came with it and the instructions were great.

I have now started a brew using a Thomas Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale can with the enhancer it recommended and am second guessing myself. I couldn't find instructions so i assumed the standard procedure from the first brew still applied. 23 litres, contents of enhancer, dissolve etc.

Have I made a mistake and if so, is it a ‘beer destroying’ mistake?


2 Posted: Monday, September 04, 2017 5:06 PM

Sounds good so far. There are a number of instructional videos here:
DIY Beer 101

3 Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2017 2:31 PM

I too want to use this for my next brew! Only my second

Think I might replace the enhancer with 1kg of the Light Dry Malt though. Should I add anything else or will the LDM be enough?

Was wanting to maybe steep some hops to add to the fermenter. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should add and how much? Just want to get a bit of aroma in there. Have never used hops before so any advice would be great :)

Also is it worth brewing to maybe 21L or will 23L be fine. Worried it might be a bit too bitter at a lower volume.

And finally - should I just use the Kit yeast? or go get myself some US-05?

Sorry to hijack the thread :)

4 Posted: Monday, September 11, 2017 11:45 PM

Hey Blackout182

I did almost the same thing! Made my first brew about 6mnths ago and since then, my “brew cave” (aka the laundry cupboard) hasn't been warm enough. Mixed up the FamFavAmbAle on Sat without the instructions (sort of did it by memory). Pitched at about 25deg, just used hot water from the tap for the first mix (not boiling). OG was 1.031. Checked it 48hrs later….. no signs of life! Gravity of 1.030! :( Checked used-by of the kit (late Nov). Grabbed a spare tin of Coopers Pale and pitched the yeast from that can…. ACTION! Will check the grav tmoro, but she's churning and cloudy now. :D

5 Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 7:34 PM

Shoot an email through, explaining what you've had to do with pitching extra yeast and mention that PB2 suggested you contact customer service.


6 Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7:57 AM

Thanks PB2, will do.

I just thought maybe the Coopers cans had been left in the sun for a period during transport or something similar. The brew has a nice krausen forming and good taste. Just looking for that change in gravity now (was still the same as when I pitched (1.030 with 700g of Brew Enhancer2), but I guess even though the vessel has been full for 3.5 days, I'm really only 1.5 days in now.


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