1 Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 9 PM

So I was in my LHBS today and they had a double font on special for $25 (woo hoo). I bought it and brought it home to replace the single tap one but it didn't fit (boo).

The new font was 11cm diameter at the bottom…my other font was 9cm, therefore I couldn't screw it in.

My first question is - can you get double fonts that are only 9cm in diameter?

Anyway, not to be outdone I set about ‘Macgyver-ing’ the new tap on. Well, in the course of my handy-work I managed to snap the plastic connector that locks the font into the top of the kegerator. (I'm currently using epoxy glue to stick it back together).

My second question is…what is this bit/part I've broken called (so I can order a new one) and could I get one that is 11cm in diameter so I could fit my new font onto it?

Attached are photos of the bit I've broken.


**admin assist**

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2 Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2017 12:02 AM

No idea… the photo doesn't show up. The kegerator I have just has a hole in the top with four holes around the edge of it for the font to be attached with screws.

I used to have a 3 tap font on my kegerator that I'm pretty sure was less than 11cm in diameter, although it may have been 11cm across the bottom flange thingy where the holes are to screw it into place.

Now I have a 3 tap cobra style flooded font on it. This actually has a wide threaded pipe that pokes out the bottom of it, containing the stainless tubes up to the taps, as well as a U shaped stainless tube to pump chilled water or freezing glycol through, which had to be cut off to fit in above the top of the kegs. The stainless tubes had to be cut off too. A large nut locks the font in place from underneath inside the kegerator. It's a way better font, but it cost me a bit .

3 Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 9:26 AM

any chance you could put up some photos of the cobra inside the fridge and out or point me to where i might be able to find them on here. Im thinking of upgrading from what you had to something similar as my kegerator is outside and the fnq heat doesn't help with pouring less then a glass of head at times. Ive thought of just upgrading the taps to flow control perlicks but might as well go the whole hog the first time round. Im guessing everything still attaches fine even though you have had to cut the lines down?

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