1 Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 10:44 AM

I've been back into brewing a few years now, & know that I'm not the only brewer that's also a muso.
I thought it may be a good idea to have a thread for those of us that like to knock out a few tunes as well as a few brews.

So I guess the obvious questions are:
What instrument/s do you play?
What style/s of music do you like?
What style/s of music do you play?
Do you just play for fun, or do you play gigs?
Are you in a band or solo?
How long have you been playing?
How often do you practice?

- I know it seems obvious, but not everyone plays the same stuff they listen to, especially if they write some of their own music.

What gear do you have?

I'm a guitarist, (& a terrible harmonica player & slide guitarist) & I have:
1 x Fender Acoustic/pickup guitar - in need of new tuners
1 x Fender Squier Affinity HSS Strat
1 x Ibanez RG350 - in desperate need of setup/repair
1 x Ibanez RX Gio (Ibanez version of a Gibson SG)
1 x Epiphone ES 339 pro
1 x Fender Frontman 15G (practice) amp
1 x Crate G60XL amp
various leads, multi effects & other effects pedals etc, including a BR BR80 & Zoom G1XON.

I feel old even typing this, but I've been playing for 27 years; though there have been times where my guitar collection has dwindled down to one or two guitars, & they've gathered dust for years between playing.

Currently I try to practice at least an hour every day, & have a session for 2 hours every weekend with a neighbour who's a much more experienced player. (Also a bit longer in the tooth than me.)
I listen to all sorts of music, from classical, to jazz, blues, rock, hard rock, a little of the older school metal, funk, rockabilly, soul, etc.

I tend to mostly play rock, with some blues; mostly classic rock & some blues standards.
Over the years I've written some music, but only others that have played with me or who I've been close to (partners & friends) have heard some of the stuff I've written.
Like many, I'm quite self conscious to the point of being critical of my own material.

I've never technically played a gig, but I did once go to a pub where they had a blues jam session night, & got up on stage with my guitar; it pretty much convinced me that I'm not going to be a rock star, as I could barely play my hands were shaking so bad from anxiety!

These days I pretty much just play in the lounge room at home, though if my neighbour had a gig & asked me to join him on stage I'd seriously consider it, if it was a song/s we were both confident with.

I jammed a bit with other musos when I was younger, but it's just me & my neighbour these days, that or practicing with my gear using loops & recordings.

2 Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 11:49 AM

Cool thread mate! I'm a guitarist also, but not currently playing in any bands. Have done in the past though. Answers are in red below.


So I guess the obvious questions are:
What instrument/s do you play? Guitar
What style/s of music do you like?Old school hard rock/heavy metal, some melodic death metal
What style/s of music do you play? Mostly hard rock/metal
Do you just play for fun, or do you play gigs?Both, I don't play gigs now but I have done. So now it's just for fun although some friends are thinking of starting a covers band.
Are you in a band or solo? Neither but when I did play properly I was always in a band.
How long have you been playing? About 14 years.
How often do you practice? Hardly ever now!

- I know it seems obvious, but not everyone plays the same stuff they listen to, especially if they write some of their own music.

What gear do you have? Guitars I have a white Gibson Les Paul Supreme prototype model, and a Gibson Flying V in cherry red. My amp is a 100 watt Marshall JCM800 replica (the original version not the stuff up they did to it in 1986) that Dad and I built ourselves a few years ago. It sits upon a 4x12 speaker cabinet that we also built, and which houses four Celestion Heritage Series G12H(55) speakers. These are among the only speaker lines Celestion still produce in England. And holy hell they sound brilliant! I have a Line 6 guitar wireless system which came in handy at gigs. I also have a Marshall Guv'nor overdrive pedal but I rarely use it anymore. It sounds bloody brilliant just with the guitar plugged straight into the amp.



3 Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 3:44 PM

The Crate is one of the old ones, with a Celestion speaker which was made in England; I must have bought it in about 1990 or so.
I understand these days they make cheap Crate amps with different speakers in them, that wouldn't compare to mine.

It was getting a bit dusty & the reverb was failing a bit, so I bit the bullet, bought some contact cleaner, pulled it apart, cleaned it up, & hey presto, it's as good as new.

As with you, I find the sound of the amp is good enough without the effects, in fact I can't find any effects that compare to the Crate with the reverb & gain etc.
The Fender amp does the job, but clearly doesn't have the punch & depth of sound the Crate does.

The only constant in my life for the past 27 years has been music & guitar playing; it honestly is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going.

4 Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:52 AM

I played the triangle at school but didn't make it professionally. After so many rejections I gave the triangle up and never played it again.

To make it in the triangle industry you need to know all the angles

5 Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:53 AM

I learned to play Chariots Of Fire (CG, CG, CFGAGE, CFGAG, CFGAGE, EFECC ) & Axel F on a piano back in high school, & that is where my music talent started & ended. Numerous times over the years I've entertained the idea of having lessons, but just couldn't find the time.

Maybe something to do alongside brewing when I retire.


To make it in the triangle industry you need to know all the angles

Being a square in that industry wouldn't have helped.



6 Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:21 PM

I played guitar in an original alterna-rock band from … I dunno, 2000 to 2008-ish? After that I “retired” to playing bass in a cover band until about 2012 when I lost motivation and decided to go for a bike ride instead (and you all know how that's going).

My main guitar was (is) a Gibson SG. Funnily, I never really liked SGs until I played one. I always had my eye on a Fender Strat or Jazzmaster too but never took the plunge and bought one.

Bass-wise I've got a Japanese Fender 70s Jazz bass with nice block inlays and an American Fender P-bass, which is just awesome.

When I was playing I was mostly into alternative rock, with the Smashing Pumpkins being an especially heavy influence on me. Since then I've discovered metal, but it's more of a taste expansion than transition. On top of that I've always liked a whole bunch of odd things, like musicals, old singer/songwriter style stuff, selected classic rock … all sorts really.

7 Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:24 PM



To make it in the triangle industry you need to know all the angles

Being a square in that industry wouldn't have helped.



I must be more triangle than square because I am often referred to as acute specimen

8 Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:32 PM

Here we go, dug up some pictures that I've uploaded at various times …

My bass guitars:

… and my SG:

… and a crappy video of me performing (hiding at the back of the stage with the light-coloured strap).

9 Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2016 2:31 PM

Well since Ruddy's in on this pics malarkey, I might as well too.. First one is a photo of the amp that Dad and I built together, with my Les Paul, and the second is obviously my Flying V. Might fire the amp up over the weekend and annoy the neighbours for a while.



10 Posted: Saturday, July 30, 2016 5:30 PM

BTW I recently got an Epiphone ES 339 Pro.
Essentially an Epiphone version of the Gibson 339, with dual Alnico Pro humbuckers with coil tap/splitting.

I went for the vintage sunburst colour.
I also got a Digitech “Screamin Blues” pedal, which has now been discontinued along with pretty much most analogue pedals.

Next planned acquisition is a Vox Stomplab GII, as the Zoom G1Xon can only do 4-5 effects at once, though it does have inbuilt rhythms & a 30 second looper; whereas the Vox has neither, but can run 8 simultaneous effects.

I figure if I want more effects & rhythm/loops at the same time, I'll just chain the Vox to the Zoom.
If I want to use them with one of my amps, I'll probably have to make sure I've got the amp modelling off & use the clean channel, or the feedback will probably blow the windows out!

If I play anything I'm really happy with I can use the BR80 to record it.
Now if I only had the skill & confidence to play outside the home?!

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11 Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 4:23 PM

Been somewhat more obsessed with guitars & music gear than brewing lately, but still getting a batch done here & there.

Newer acquisitions include:
Vox Stomplab,
Vox Joe Satriani Amplug

PRS SE Standard 24
PRS SE Singlecut trem.

The SE Standard was more or less decided on, but I found a Singlecut Trem looking quite sad & lonely at JB Hifi, when I went there to test the feel on the necks of the PRS SE's they had in stock, prior ot purchasing the Standard.

At first I thought it was mistakenly priced too low; $495, but after getting the Standard, I just had to check up on it, & sure enough, not only was it $495, but when we checked, it was missing the trem arm & gig bag (as well as the mini toolkit you usually get with SE's).
So they knocked another $50 off.

Some retailers still have SE Singlecuts (with stop bridge) for $729, so I really got a bargain.
Not only that, but I contacted the distributor, enquiring where to get a replacement trem, & as a result one is on its way to me free of charge.

This completes my musical gear list for now, (apart from an old harmonica I rarely pick up, & am not so good with, & likewise a glass slide that is exactly the wrong size; too small for some fingers, too big for others).

I figure 5 electric & an acoustic pickup guitar is more than enough for a non gigging musician.
Have to say though, I love PRS now, & I know the SE are the Asian made budget version, but they're still better quality than the equivalent Epiphone (Gibson budget brand) or Squier (Fender's Asian made instruments).

The 339 is a great guitar too, but the finishing & attention to detail, let alone quality sound & pups in the SE leave the others for dead.
I've previously owned a Gibson USA made SG 1975 model, & if I still had it, I'd trade it in for a PRS in an instant.

Also have to say, for a brand new guitar, SE's feel like playing an old familiar guitar that's already been lovingly worn in, without the worn in look.
- Can't stand relicced guitars either; why make a perfectly good new guitar look like it's been abused for 20 years?!

Also the Singlecut turns out to be 4 years old, so clealry JB aren't so good are marketing & selling guitars, so with that in mind, putting aside the fact they're big box stores, don't underestimate the quality of musical instruments you can buy there, provided you know what you're looking at.
They do sell some crap, but you can snag a bargain if you know your stuff.

Just because an instrument has been overlooked & sat in a store for a while, doesn't mean it's a lemon.
A good clean & polish, tightening on the tone pot, & my tech reckons I got a bargain; in fact he asked if there were any others around; not much chance there with a discontinued 4 year old guitar, but maybe that's what Ebay's for?
I've never owned a Les Paul, but the look is somewhat similar, the sound is not too far off, & the weight & cut is more user friendly, so I know what I'd choose if it was one or the other.

12 Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 5:49 PM

Was in an original band for about 7 years from 1997 onwards as a Bass player.
Doing gigs in Perth and surrounding areas.
But started working away so it got harder and I just sort of stopped .

Used to have an Epiphone Rivoli made in Korea and a US Fender Precision.
Mainly just original Indi rock type of stuff., with a few covers of The Who or something like that.
Haven't played since 2005, sold all my gear.

Do miss it from time to time, still love my music, Indi rock stuff, Blues, JJJ etc.

Young family now, so my main hobby away from that is definitely homebrewing!


13 Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 9:34 PM

Guitar for 20 odd years, but never got beyond playing for fun and jamming with mates really. Favourite music is metal, and mostly early to mid 90s death, melodic death and black metal - Carcass and At The Gates anyone? But i do enjoy everything from Bach to Johnny Cash to Aussie hip hop.

I only have an acoustic and these days I rarely play, maybe once or twice a month.

My brother took it more seriously with metal focused set ups consisting mainly of Gibson sgs and Marshall gear, too much to name. He played in several bands around Melbourne for years which were known on the local pub scene a few years ago such as Cock Fight Shoot out, Delta Reds, Black Jesus etc with guys out of other bands like King Parrot, Blood Duster, Fall Out etc. He did shows with quite a few decent bands too like mc5 and the dwarves.

And while I'm at it, Radelaide and Ballarat spawned some awesome metal and hard rock bands too. Captain Cleanoff, Gacy's Place, Bean Flipper, Damaged to name a few.

Jeez, i better stop now before I start going off about all the good venues that got shut down…

…these days I mainly listen to The Wiggles. But don't cry for me, I'm already dead.

14 Posted: Thursday, December 01, 2016 5:28 PM

I never learned to play a musical instrument, but I was a drummer in a country rock band from the mid 70's to the mid/late 80's……..I had a set of pearl drums….what more can I say?…..

I started playing when I was about nine years old and played in little dance bands as a little kid, I started playing in what used to be called ‘cabaret bands’ in my teens then some mates and I started a band in the ‘70’s…..in my early twenties….. I haven't picked up a set of sticks for probably twenty five years now…

15 Posted: Thursday, December 01, 2016 9:27 PM

Well I must be one of the oldest blokes on the forum, 70 years old. Suppose that makes me an old fart.

But honestly, the only instrument I've been able to play is the piano. Back in my days they were a standard feature in a lot of homes. Well I taught myself to play, sadly only right handed, but I could read music and play a tune people could sing to.

But them days are long gone. No piano today, and I would need a bit of practice even reading music. Always wanted to play guitar. Guess that was a dream of many a young bloke from my era.

Well 10-15 years ago I bought a guitar. It was on special in some catalogue I think. It's a Livingstone brand, and other than that, I don't know. I would just like to learn to strum along with some songs, just for myself, but I have some difficulties.

I can learn the cords etc, but I have real problems with my left hand. Now, my hands are very agile, and my fingers are reasonably long, but I have real problems trying to keep from depressing the next string, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I love music. And that means most genre, from rock to classic and everything in between. One of the few things I ever got from my old Lady.

Anyway, all power to you blokes who can make an instrument talk. I envy you.


16 Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017 9:16 AM

I've been composing/writing/producing/mixing/recording for around 15 years under the name - a small home-based studio called Black Sands Music

Aside from a dozen or more solo album releases

I also have a band called The Stragglers - sing lead and play rhythm guitar (mostly acoustic).
Also play keys but not so much these days!

18 Posted: Friday, March 03, 2017 4:57 PM

What is it with Muso's and booze??? Here's my plexi when it was new. Still got it but it's a little ‘beat up’ you could say.. actually got it up for sale cause I don't play anymore. Have been playing professionally for the past 14 years or so doing the whole pub-scene thing, geez ypu get sick of that pretty quick I tell ya, each new show steals a little bit more Soul and in the end I just had to stop. It's killed a once bright passion and I don't even pick it up anymore at home, and after playing and loving it since about 4 years old!. . Oh well, brewing is just as fun as playing once was. Life is transient, we're always moving

Cool gear by the way King!! And these are the G12-m speakers kels, I also liked the heavy magnet versions like you have for certain tones though, from memory they seemed to have more ‘oomph’!

19 Posted: Friday, March 03, 2017 5 PM

The trusty Custom Classic. Can't quite part with it yet and you never know, might play again one day. Got a full PA at home that I'm in the midst of offloading too, sux to sell it but I really don't use it and it's only going to get old in the shed so best it goes to a new home where someone will put it to good use

The boys

20 Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2017 1:54 PM

I can put my hand up as a musician. Mainly a guitarist but im not gonna post all my gear on this forum because either a. You will all take the piss out of it. or b . Some bogan is going to come through the computer screen and try to steal it. I know u lot . P