Cam Pearce

Cam’s time with the company began in February 2002 when he was appointed as a non-executive director, taking on the board position held by his late father-in-law, Maxwell Cooper, who had retired as Company Chairman. 

He came on board full-time at Coopers in September 2010 as Director of Business Development.

In 2014 Cam was appointed National Sales & Marketing Director for both Coopers & Premium Beverages.

Before joining the Coopers team full-time, Cam was CEO of Meals on Wheels (SA) Inc. for ten years. Prior to this he had twenty years with the Shell Company of Australia Ltd. in various sales and marketing roles in Adelaide, Melbourne and Papua New Guinea.

Cam is passionate about Coopers, and believes strongly in the Company, the brand and its products. He is confident there is great opportunity for continued growth and development ahead.