Beer name

Vintner's Lager

Beer type


Beer type

Vintner's Lager

Beer description You know the dilemma… it’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and you just can’t work out if it’s a beer day or a wine day? Well hey, why can’t it be both? And no, we don’t mean mixing your bevvies – we mean a drop of cheeky, fruit-inspired Vintner’s Lager. Highly-sought-after Nelson Sauvin hops give this brew a quirky wine character reminiscent of a crisp Sauv. Blanc. But this ain’t no wine – it’s still very much a bold malty beer that uncorks a slightly sweet biscuity backdrop for the hops to show off their white wine, rockmelon, and tropical fruits traits. Flavour profile
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Step 1 : Mix

The Day Before: Line a pot (at least 4 litres) with a mesh cleaning cloth (pulled straight from the pack).
Place the grains in a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag and crack them using a rolling pin.
Add the cracked grain and 3 litres of cold water, fit the lid and sit in the fridge overnight.
Brew Day: Gather up the corners of the mesh cloth and lift, allowing the liquid to drain from the grains back into the pot.
Place the strained liquid onto the stovetop, bring to the boil then add half of each of the Nelson Sauvin and Enigma Hops, boil for 5 minutes.
Take off flame and cool the liquid by placing the pot in a bath of cold water for about 15mins.
Add the 86 Days Pilsner, Light Dry Malts and the cooled liquid to the fermenting vessel (FV) then stir to dissolve.  Don’t be concerned if lumps of Light Dry Malt persist as they will dissolve over the course of several hours.
Top up with cold tap water to 20 litres and stir thoroughly.
Check the temperature and top up to 22 litres with warm or cool water (refrigerated if necessary) to start the brew at 18°C.
Sprinkle both the Safale S-23 and brew can yeast then fit the lid.

Step 2 : Brew

Place the FV in a location out of direct sunlight and ferment at 15°C.
Fermentation should take around 10 to 14 days.
At Day 7, add the remaining hop pellets to the brew by wrapping them in a mesh cleaning cloth (pulled straight from the pack) and place directly on top of the brew then re-fit the lid.
On day 10 check the specific gravity (SG).
Check the SG again the following day and so on.

Step 3 : Bottle

The brew is ready once the SG has stabilised over a couple of days, expect about 1006 to 1010.
Gently fill clean PET bottles to about 3cm from the top.
Add 2 carbonations drop per bottle and secure the caps.
Store the bottles upright in a location out of direct sunlight at or above 18C.

Step 4 : Enjoy

After at least two weeks, check for sufficient carbonation by squeezing the PET bottles.
When ready to drink, chill the bottles upright.
Pour into clean glassware, leaving the sediment behind.
Expect the alcohol content to be approximately 5.9% ABV.