Beer name

The OC Wit

Beer type


Beer type

The OC Wit

Beer description We have quite a crush on this summery brew with immense a-peel! Think Belgian style wheat beer on a working holiday in the orange groves of California. It’s a zesty beer with the addition of fresh blood oranges, layered up with real coriander seeds to provide subtle bursts of lemon. Zingy citrus blossom and pepper aromas pare back to reveal orange and sweet malt to the palate, with a refreshingly tart finish. Beneath a pillowy white head, there’s an orchard full of fruit character – ripe and ready to harvest in around three weeks. Flavour profile
Light Straw
Approx. Alcohol Level:
4.5% ABV
Naturally Carbonated:



Step 1 : Mix

Crush 15g of Coriander Seeds (not entire packet) in a zip lock bag with a rolling pin to open the kernels
In a good size pot (around 8 litres) bring 500g of Light Dry Malt to the boil with 3 litres of water.
Add the Coriander seeds and East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets and boil for 10 minutes
Turn out flame and then add the zest of the 2 Oranges (optional) and let stand for a further 10 minutes.
Cool the liquid by placing the pot in a bath of cold water for about 15mins then strain into a Fermenting Vessel (FV).
Mix in the Thomas Coopers Preachers Hefe Wheat and the other 500g of Light Dry Malt. Don’t be concerned if lumps persist as these will dissolve over the course of a few hours.
Fill with cool water to 18 litres, stir vigorously and check the brew temperature.
Top up to 21 litres with warm or cold water (refrigerated if necessary) to get as close to 18C as possible.
Sprinkle on the sachets of Safale K-97 Dry Yeast and brew can yeast then fit the lid.

Step 2 : Brew

Place the FV in a location out of direct sunlight and ferment at 18C to 20C.
Fermentation should take around 7 to 10 days.
On day 10 check the specific gravity (SG).
Check the SG again the following day and so on.

Step 3 : Bottle

The brew is ready once the SG has stabilised over a couple of days, expect about 1010 to 1012.
Gently fill clean PET bottles to about 3cm from the top.
Add 2 carbonations drop per bottle and secure the caps (use only one carbonation drop for bottles intended to be stored for a longer period).
Store the bottles upright in a location out of direct sunlight at or above 18C.

Step 4 : Enjoy

After at least two weeks, check for sufficient carbonation by squeezing the PET bottles.
Bottles kept unrefrigerated will improve
When ready to drink, chill the bottles upright.
Pour into clean glassware, leaving the sediment behind.
Expect the alcohol content to be approximately 4.5% ABV.