Wide Open Space

Wide Open Space

Wide Open Space is a three-day arts, music and desert culture gathering, is made possible by a quirky crew of misfits and is the only event of its kind in Central Australia.

For many, it provides the opportunity to experience the heart of our country for the very first time. For the people of Alice Springs, it’s a showcase of the diverse range of creative talents the town has to offer – plus it’s the best goddamned party of the year.

In addition to the fine music & arts program, WoS also offers a tasty selection of Workshops, a small-person district known as Kids Space and a well-stocked Market Place with food, crafts and other special delights prepared by thoughtful friends.

The “biggest little festival” in Australia, Wide Open Space will feature the cream of Central Australian performers with a select program of national and international acts including:

  • Thriftworks
  • Ginger And The Ghost
  • Tom Thum
  • Crazy Daylight
  • Miso
  • Urktekk
  • Skank MC
  • Lubdub
  • and many more!

For more info, go to wideopenspace.net.au