Coopers Launches Family Secrets Amber Ale

Coopers Launches Family Secrets Amber Ale

Coopers Brewery is releasing a new Amber Ale in time for summer.

But “Family Secrets Amber Ale” will only be available on tap in selected hotels across Australia when it is released in mid-October.

Family Secrets Amber Ale is the second limited edition seasonal beer Coopers has released this year, following the release of Brew A IPA (India Pale Ale) in April.

Coopers Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Cam Pearce, said releasing limited edition seasonal beers was a way of Coopers underlining its credentials as Australia’s original craft brewery while also providing the on-premise market with a unique product to help drive customer traffic.

“For the past 154 years, Coopers has specialised in brewing unique secondary fermented ales,” he said.

“Amber Ale, along with Pale Ale and IPA, is one of the major beer styles produced today by craft brewers around the world.

“With interest in Amber Ale growing in Australia, the Cooper family decided to share its unique expression of this in-demand beer.”

Mr Pearce said the “family secret” to the new beer lay in the carefully cultivated strain of Coopers’ yeast that had been kept under lock and key for generations.

Coopers Managing Director and Chief Brewer, Dr Tim Cooper, said Family Secrets Amber Ale was distinguished by a rich, malt character arising from the selection of caramalt, crystal and roasted malts used in the grist. This produced a beer with a rich ruby hue and a crisp refreshing taste.

Centennial and Galaxy hops augment the fragrant and floral aromas of esters arising from the ale fermentation. At 5.2% alcohol and 35 International Bitterness units, Family Secrets Amber Ale comfortably fits within the Amber Ale specifications.

Only 1500 kegs have been brewed.

Mr Pearce said Brew A IPA had attracted strong interest when it was released in April and stocks had quickly run out.

“We expect a similar response to Family Secrets Amber Ale,” he said.

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