Alcohol-Free Beer Sales Surge in Australia

Alcohol-Free Beer Sales Surge in Australia

Health and lifestyle factors are driving rapid growth in Australia’s alcohol-free beer sector, according to Australia’s largest family owned brewer, Coopers.

Coopers says sales of the international premium quality beer Holsten 0.0% have surged more than 20% in the past 12 months and are set to grow still further as it becomes more widely available through national liquor outlets.

Holsten 0.0% is brewed by international brewer Carlsberg and distributed nationally by Coopers.

Coopers’ Marketing Manager Brewing Products, Mr Scott Harris, said Holsten 0.0% was brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, resulting in a full flavoured premium quality beer.

“However, having zero alcohol means that it can be consumed in situations where people either cannot or do not wish to drink full strength beer,” he said.

“These include P-platers who are not allowed to have alcohol in their system, operators of heavy machinery, miners and heavy transport operators, as well as sports people looking for a beer after an event, but who don’t want to consume alcohol.

“Not only is it alcohol free, Holsten 0.0% only has 182 kilojoules per 330 ml bottle, which is about a third of the kilojoules of the equivalent full strength beer (565 kj) and about half as many as “low carb” beer (454 kj).

“This makes it suitable to help rehydrate after exercise.”

Mr Harris said recent decisions by major liquor retailers around Australia to position Holsten 0.0% in the beer section of the store instead of the no-alcohol section was also having a significant impact.

“More people are now including Holsten 0.0% in their weekly purchase, either to use it as a “spacer” between alcoholic drinks or to consume by itself,” he said.

He said the increase in sales of no alcohol beers in Australia reflected the situation in the rest of the world, where no alcohol beers make up to 13% of total beer sales in some European countries.

“While Australia certainly isn’t there yet, we believe these products will become increasingly popular as they become more readily available.”

“There’s been a real shift as more people want to socialise with a beer, but without the alcohol content,” he said.

Holsten 0.0% is sold in 330 ml bottles and sells for less than $10 a six pack.

Coopers also brews and distributes the ultra-light beer Birell, with an alcohol content of 0.5%.