NSW Key Market For Coopers

NSW Key Market For Coopers

In January this year Coopers’ beer sales in NSW topped those of its home state, South Australia, for the first time. 

While the result was not repeated in February, March or April, Coopers’ Chairman, Mr Glenn Cooper, said that there was no doubt that NSW would quickly overtake South Australia on a regular basis.

“On a year to date basis (July to April), South Australia accounts for 29% of Coopers’ total sales compared with almost 26% for NSW,” he said.

“However, the gap is narrowing quickly".

“January was the first month that more Coopers beer was sold in NSW than South Australia (two million litres verses 1.6 million litres), but we don’t think it will be long before this becomes common place".

“Sales in NSW have been increasing at double digit or close to double digit rates for the past 10 years and are continuing to grow strongly".

“Four of the five biggest Coopers-selling outlets in Australia are in NSW, with the Steyne Hotel and Manly Wharf Hotels at Manly, the Beach Road Hotel at Bondi, and the Great Northern Hotel at Byron Bay nipping at the heels of the Exeter Hotel in Adelaide".

“Demand for our products is continuing to grow as we get our taps into more hotels and clubs.”

Mr Cooper said the situation underlined the transition Coopers was making from being a South Australian beer maker to a national brand. It also highlighted the hard work of Coopers’ distribution company, Premium Beverages which is responsible for the distribution of Coopers’ beers in the Eastern States and Western Australia, as well as Coopers’ international brands, Carlsberg, Sapporo, Kronenbourg 1664 and Mythos. Last year, Mr Cooper took over responsibility for the operations of Premium Beverages.

“Throughout most of our 150 year history, Coopers’ biggest market has been its home state,” Mr Cooper said.

“In calendar year 2012, South Australia represented 30.5% of total sales, but that figure is falling as interstate sales increase".

“We view this development very positively. It means that Australians are increasingly adopting Coopers, which is the largest Australian owned – and family owned – brewer”.