Artisan Reserve Introduced To Thomas Cooper’s Selection

Artisan Reserve Introduced To Thomas Cooper’s Selection

Artisan Reserve Pilsner is the latest craft beer release from world-renowned Coopers Brewery.

This distinctive unpasteurised lager joins Celebration Ale in the Thomas Cooper’s Selection, which was introduced during the brewery’s 150th anniversary in 2012.

Coopers’ Managing Director, Dr Tim Cooper, said Artisan Reserve lived up to the true meaning of “artisan”.

“It reflects the skill of the brewers who have pushed the boundaries of the ancient art of beer-making to create an unpasteurised product with the freshest taste possible,” he said.

“It is an all-malt Pilsner crafted with Hallertau Tradition and Hallertau Hersbrucher hop varieties, both sourced from Bavaria. Two other hops varieties have also been used, but these will remain confidential to discourage imitations.

“The result is a bright, clear beer that is golden yellow in colour with an appetising soft and creamy head. First impressions are citrusy with a balanced malt character.”

Artisan Reserve Pilsner has an alcohol content of 5.5%, which ranks higher than most lagers of its type in the market, but best presents the flavour and aroma of the beer.

“Lagers normally undergo pasteurisation immediately after being bottled,” Dr Cooper said.

“Coopers has a long tradition of producing bottle-conditioned ales that do not undergo pasteurisation, so developing a non-pasteurised Pilsner has been the result of applying our skills and knowledge in brewing and packaging.”

Thomas Cooper’s Selection was introduced to highlighting the brewery’s expertise in developing high-quality “craft” beers. Artisan Reserve Pilsner fits perfectly in this range.

Artisan Reserve comes in 355 ml bottles and retails for around $55 a carton, or $18 to $20 per six pack. It is also available in 50 litre kegs at selected outlets.

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