Alf Barrie Reaches 600th Brew

Alf Barrie Reaches 600th Brew

I’m Alf Barrie and I’ve been around since the 1930’s.  My first foray into home brew was around 1965 using the open ferment in a bucket method.  Well, that wasn’t too successful, resulting in a dash for the dunny door.

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In 1992 my Coopers career kicked off in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Batch #1 took place in November 1992.  My log reads:

Lager – brewed using 1kg white sugar and took 5 days to ferment.  I was forced to try it at three weeks as I had tried that many home brews which were bad, if this was the same it would be the one and only. However, it was smooth, clear and good retention (head).  It showed signs of improving with age but didn’t survive longer than 3 weeks. 

Since then, I have dabbled just a little with dashes here and there of a variety of liquid malt extracts, and a mix of white and brown sugar when making stout, including a milk stout.  All my stout is made using only 15 litres of water, hence I warn imbibers it has a built-in speech inhibitor.

My bottles are only sterilized once when first acquired, and never again; just rinsed out with hot water immediately after emptying, drained overnight, and the caps replaced until next required.

Most of the brews are around 6 months old when consumed.  


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