The Coopers AMP Final Longlist Announced

The Coopers AMP Final Longlist Announced

The 10th Coopers AMP has taken another step closer to the finish line with the final Longlist of 65 albums now complete for the 2014 Coopers AMP.

The Coopers AMP continues to be the only Australian music award that doesn’t separate artists by genre or other arbitrary distinctions, and the final six albums to be added to the 10th Coopers AMP Longlist* are:

Bertie Blackman 'The Dash'
Daily Meds 'Sour Milk'
King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard 'I'm In Your Mind Fuzz'
Krakatau 'Water Near A Bridge'
Lanie Lane 'Night Shade'
Shiny Joe Ryan 'Shiny Joe Ryan & The Cosmic Microwave Background'

Lanie Lane said, "Super excited and grateful that Night Shade is nominated for the AMP Award this year. It's always lovely when the arts are acknowledged and celebrated. Congratulations and good luck to all the other nominees!"

One of the 15 industry experts who form the judging panel, Sam Lockwood from The Jezabels, the 2011 Coopers AMP winners, said, “I've been lucky enough to be on both sides of the AMP. I know the absolute joy it is to win, and also the large effort it takes to judge. I know the inner workings now, and can say that it is a measured and in-depth process. To make the Longlist is a massive achievement in itself. I mean, look at the quality on this years Longlist. It's both a credit to the individual artists and also the Australian music scene in general. As a recording artist it's an amazing - and inspiring - experience to listen to the breadth of styles and see how hard many musicians have worked to get their album out there. And that is what the AMP is for I think. To justly reward those musicians who for some reason try so hard to make music that means so much.”

The 10th Coopers AMP Shortlist will be announced on January 21, and will be followed by a celebratory 10th anniversary dinner on March 4, 2015 when the winning artist will be awarded $30,000 in prize money courtesy of PPCA. Every album released for the first time between January 1 and December 31 in 2014, is automatically considered for the 10th Coopers AMP.

The 10th Coopers AMP Final Longlist

#1 Dads ‘About Face’
Allday 'Startup Cult'
Andras & Oscar 'Cafe Romantica'
Angus and Julia Stone 'Angus and Julia Stone'
Augie March 'Havens Dumb'
Ball Park Music ‘Puddinghead’
Bertie Blackman 'The Dash'
Bird Traps 'The Colour Fields'
Black Cab 'Games of the XXI Olympiad'
Blank Realm ‘Grassed Inn’
Bored Nothing ‘ Some Songs’
Briggs ‘Sheplife’
Buried In Verona ‘Faceless’
C.W. Stoneking 'Gon' Boogaloo'
Caitlin Park 'The Sleeper'
Chet Faker ‘Built On Glass’
Collarbones 'Return'
Daily Meds 'Sour Milk'
Dune Rats ‘Dune Rats’
DZ Deathrays ‘Black Rat’
East Brunswick All Girls Choir ‘Seven Drummers’
Emma Russack 'You Changed Me'
Firekites ‘Closing Forever Sky’
Fishing 'Shy Glow'
Flight Facilities 'Down To Earth'
Four Hours Sleep 'Four Hours Sleep'
Guerre 'Ex Nihilo'
GUM 'Delorean Highway'
Harmony ‘Carpetbombing’
Harts ‘Daydreamer’
Hilltop Hoods 'Walking Under Stars'
Hits ‘Hikikomori’
HTRK ‘Psychic 9-5 Club’
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders 'Playmates'
Jane Tyrell 'Echoes In The Aviary'
Joelistics 'Blue Volume'
John Butler Trio 'Flesh & Blood'
Kate Miller-Heidke ‘O Vertigo’
Kimbra 'The Golden Echo'
King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard 'I'm In Your Mind Fuzz'
Krakatau 'Water Near A Bridge'
Lanie Lane 'Night Shade'
Laura Jean ‘Laura Jean’
Lowlakes 'Iceberg Nerves'
Lowtide ‘Lowtide’
Mia Dyson 'Idyllwyld'
Mike Rivett 'Digital Seed'
Nun 'Nun'
One Day 'Mainline'
REMI ‘Raw X Infinty’
Richard In Your Mind - 'Ponderosa'
Sally Seltmann 'Hey Daydreamer'
Seekae 'The Worry'
Shiny Joe Ryan 'Shiny Joe Ryan & The Cosmic Microwave Background'
Sticky Fingers  'Land Of Pleasure'
Straight Arrows ‘Rising’
Sweet Amphetamines 'Duke'
Tape/Off 'Chipper'
Teeth & Tongue ‘Grids’
The Amity Affliction 'Let The Ocean Take Me'
The Ocean Party ‘Soft Focus’
The Peep Tempel 'Tales'
Thundamentals - 'So We Can Remember'
Tom E. Lewis ‘Beneath The Sun’
Total Control ‘Typical System’