Coopers Releases New Craft Brew Kit

Coopers Releases New Craft Brew Kit

Beer lovers can now make their own small batch craft beers at home.

Coopers Brewery, the world’s largest producer of DIY beer concentrates, is releasing a new Craft Brew Kit which makes the equivalent of a single carton of beer at a time, together with new range of premium beer concentrates.

The Craft Brew Kit, which will be available in time for Father’s Day, makes eight and a half litres of beer compared with 23 litres in Coopers’ traditional DIY beer kits, and includes its own thermometer, hydrometer, bottles and an instructional DVD.

The smaller fermenters are highly popular among DIY brewers in the US.

Coopers’ Marketing Manager, Brewing Products, Mr Scott Harris, said concentrates which had originally been developed for the US market for Coopers’ subsidiary Mr Beer, would be released to accompany the new kit.

”These character-filled, 100% malt brews are designed to produce a fuller-bodied, full flavour beer typical of craft styles,” he said.

“The range includes an IPA and US-style Pale Ale, along with Dark and Amber Ales.”

Mr Harris said each variety contained only the best quality malt, bittering and aromatic hops and specially selected yeast.

“Our research has shown that many DIY beer enthusiasts are now looking to produce high quality small batch craft beers, rather than larger quantities of standard beer varieties,” he said.

“The Craft Brew Kits enable them to produce the equivalent of a single carton of high quality craft beer, which means it’s easier to experiment with various styles.

“The kits are also smaller and simpler to handle and store while the fermenting process is underway.”

The Craft Brew Kits are available now at Target, BCF stores or online at for around $69.95.